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Kristin Rose Collection

These one of a kind designs are all created and transformed from my original art works with graphic alterations.  Each design takes on a new meaning and has a unique quality such as intricate swirl combinations, color with contrast, world influence and abstract art themes.  These designs are being used for clothing, bedding, window treatments, wall art and stationary, as well as wallpaper,  gift wrap, decals and product labels.   All designs have a matched pattern repeat.  The thrill of designing surface designs and fabrics also stem from my passion of color theory and the psychology of color.  Custom ordering available.  Licensing welcome!

Ocean Swirls

Coral Coral


Swirl of Water Angels

A Sunset Vision

White Rope

Water Reflection

Oil Delight


Swirly Falls

The Beginning

Grey Squiggles

Backyard Swirls


Tropical Head

Sun Swirl

Midnight Swirl

Paisley Swirl Head

Bold Color Party

Connected Paths


Pink Swirly Head

White Egrits

Black White Swirls

Sweet Strength


Outdoor in Spring

Color Pop

Flowing with Life

Favorite Kaleidoscope

Digital Grey

Twisted Water

Good Mood

Exquisite Grey

Candy Swirls

Nautical Orange Burst

Wind Swirls

Stripe Color Party

Sunny Boat

Mood Swings

Red Onyx

Tropical Sunset

Water Kaleidoscope

Crazy Dog

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